Diesel Particulate Filter

Diesel Particulate Filter is generally called DPF. DPF is a device designed to remove diesel particulate matter or soot from the exhaust gas of a diesel engine. (Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Machine)

Diesel Particulate Filter

A mixture of burnt fuel and air comes out of the engine. Harmful particles in this mixture accumulate in the diesel particle filter and their release to the nature is prevented. These particles accumulating in the filter are burned by increasing the exhaust gas temperature with regeneration, thus preventing the pollution of nature.

During regeneration, information on the exhaust gas temperature is sent to E.C.U thanks to the heat sensors on the Dpf. Thus, it is possible to calculate exactly the amount of fuel required to raise the exhaust temperature.

Çinar Makina; Dpf Mac

Çinar Makina; Dpf Mac Particle Cleaning Machine (Dpf Cleaning Machine) is the manufacturer company. Company; The catalyst and the particulate filter cleaning machines cleaning in Turkey and carries the trait for an initial operating capability of cleaning and in many countries worldwide. It is produced in AISI 304 quality indexed to the used cleaning product. The complete cleaning and reaction environment of the product takes place when the liquid reaches 80 degrees.

Product features are as follows:

It has catalyst and particle binding feature up to 150 cm.
There are connecting apparatus up to 40… 80mm diameter.
It has the feature of adjusting the flow rate of the water with an automatic electric valve.
The flow power of the water is maximum 0-12 bar.
There is a tank and water level control system with the sensor.
It has a resistance protection sensor.
It has a 220 volt AC operating system.
There is a compressor operation between 5-10 bar.

Pollution softened at the time of cleaning can be removed with air support. All metal parts used in the machine with cabinet are stainless steel and other parts have preferred brands that have proven themselves with their quality in the sector.
If you want to purchase Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Machine, you can access the relevant website and get detailed information by typing Sycamore Particle Cleaning Machine through search engines. By clicking on the link text that has been created, you can easily access the Dpfmac website and contact the company owners through their contact numbers.

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