Quality Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Machine

Quality Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Machine, Turkey and Europe constitutes a first cleaning operation and principle of property. It was produced indexed to the cleaning product used. The complete cleaning and reaction environment of the product takes place when the liquid reaches 80 degrees heat.

  • Complete Stainless Internal Fasteners
  • 30 Lt. Stainless Water Reservoir
  • Drying Fan
  • Adjustable Conditioner Air Inlet
  • Various Fasteners (Exhaust Fasteners, Flanged Exhaust Apparatus
  • 7000 Watt Redundant Resistance
  • Adjustable Heat Setting
  • Adjustable Working Time

The contact details of Çınar Dpfmac company are as follows:

Turkey Contact
Phone: +90 212 321 20 09
GSM: +90 554 182 11 09

Germany Contact
Deutschlandvertrieb Ingenieurbüro Kock
Is Saalburgst. 97 61350 Bad Homburg
E-Mail: info@ib-kock.de
Phone: 069-348 77 412