Bodrum Milas Airport

Although the construction decision was taken in the 70’s, the Bodrum-Milas airport, which ended up of its construction at the 90’s, is one of the most popular and crowded airports after İstanbul and Antalya. Dalaman airport still keeps its activity because Bodrum Airport only meets the needs of its own.

Because Bodrum Milas Airport can be easily understood from the concentration of transfer needs, the challenge isn’t easily accessible to the whole of the neighborhoods of Bodrum, which has spread to a very wide geography with a serious traffic. The square, which is built in Milas, which is the most suitable place because of the distict’s shape, isn’t suitable to provide an intense service to the surrounding districts.

Muğla and Marmaris usually get service from Dalaman Airport. Airport transfer can be done at airport to address or from address to Milas Airport Transfer as you wish. The service, which has different levels, can serve any number of passengers from crowded groups to single passengers.